I offer this treatment on an individual basis, only in my home.

Group parties can be discussed, though you will have to host.

"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"

"Chocolate Sauce"™

"All the benefits of Dark Chocolate, without the Calories!"™ ​

I have undergone this treatment and can report that my skin was very smooth afterwards, and I smelled like chocolate for days :-)

This is a proprietary Scrub and Wrap Treatment that uses very high quality (costly!) ingredients in special recipes for both the scrub and "Chocolate Sauce." This can be done on an individual basis, or in a party setting (think "Tupperware Party") with someone hosting for a group.

For one person, the Scrub requires about 20 minutes, and the Wrap requires about 20 minutes. Then you need time for 2 quick showers, and 30-60 minutes in the Wrap itself. Up to about 2 hours are required in total for one person.

For a group, I can interleave the Scrub and Wrap for three people in 2 hours, which means the showers and time-in-wrap are also interleaved. Time for a group is 40 minutes per person, plus shower time, plus the 30-60 minutes time-in-wrap for the last person.

I do NOT use a mummy wrap (which can be claustrophobic) - my wrapping allows movement. I will only do this service with access to a shower.

NOTE: This service is NOT draped. Required clothing are panties, preferably the string or thong type, to keep ingredients from nether regions, yet expose more skin for treatment. A bra is optional - consider that only exposed skin is treated (except the underside of feet, hair, and, usually, the face) - Yes, I am a Health Care Services Professional and this treatment is not sexual. It is very possible that the "Chocolate Sauce" will stain clothing (i.e. panties, bra, bikini).

This is considered a spa treatment (not a massage therapy treatment) and does not qualify for insurance coverage, so no receipt can be issued for such.

Clean and dry panties (and bra) are recommended for after the treatment, as anything you wear during the treatment will likely stain, and the showers will cause them to be wet.