Corporate Wellness

That's Actually

Corporate Appropriate!

My Corporate Wellness Service is considered massage, and receipts can be issued for acceptance by all insurance programs.

But what comes to mind when someone says "corporate massage?" Do have visions of your workers getting oiled up and rubbed until they are so relaxed they are unproductive for the rest of the day? Or maybe it's the sight of workers kinda sitting in that silly looking massage chair, getting rubbed through their clothes?

Maybe you are ready for something new, something unique, something better, something that actually benefits both the company and the worker...

Let me tell you about Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT). This modality falls under the massage umbrella, so it qualifies for all insurance coverage. I am Canada's most experienced Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT). I am uniquely qualified to bring this modality to your place of business.

MAT will help your workers to relieve their stress, help to improve their posture issues, help to heal their injuries, and help to improve their personal performance. And it does this while leaving your workers more energetic and alert. Isn't this what Corporate Wellness should be about?

MAT has the central focus of reducing or eliminating pain. Pain is often the body's compensation for traumas, misalingments, and other issues. When some part of the body is not performing correctly (or optimally), other parts of the body try to compensate. Compensation leads to immediate or future pain. Although some 85% of pain is idiopathic (unknown origin, comes and goes, changes intensity, moves around), Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy  encourages the body to perform correctly, with the consequence that pain is reduced or completely eliminated.

In addition to dealing with pain, MAT has proven to be very effective for injury rehab, mobility, posture, and performance issues. Because MAT is quite gentle, it is just as good for treating the elderly and frail as it is for treating athletes, weekend warriors, and your own workers.

MAT techniques use massage as the foundation, and builds on it with techniques drawn from the worlds of physiotherapy, chiropractic, and others (including direct research). (NOTE: There are NO high velocity "bone cracking" moves. I can treat the same issues as physiotherapists and chiros do - differently, gentler, and possibly safer). There are many paths to the same destination. I have trained in many of those paths, and find the most benefit from MAT.

Corporate Wellness Service - Details

  • Arrangements are made between me and a single corporate contact. Please make initial contact via email, and provide your contact particulars, including appropriate times to contact.
  • The corporate contact will be responsible for providing suitable space on the premises in which to provide the sessions, for making full payment in advance of the day's treatments, and for scheduling the sessions in whatever fashion is suitable for the corporation.
  • I will provide proper receipts for the service as a whole, and for submission to insurance companies for reimbursement, if so desired. (Any receipt amounts for individual workers will be deducted from the corporation's receipt.)
  • All treatments are 30 minutes in length with the worker fully clothed - the clothes may get a bit wrinkled, but the worker will have more mobility! The worker may have more than one session, if the company desires, whether or not they are consecutive.
  • Bookings are for an entire workday, with a minimum of 12 sessions, each session being 30 minutes long. Including time for two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute break, that is 7 hours of straight time. More sessions can be added, with appropriate additional break times.
  • The regular price for these sessions on an individual basis is $65 ($130/hour). Corporate Wellness pricing is $50 ($100/hour). Minimum corporate booking is $600. GST is included.
  • I offer a session as a gift to the corporate contact, to experience the treatment first hand, before committing to the service.
  • All treatment recipients will be required to sign a waiver in lieu of providing full medical histories. Issues and concerns will be communicated verbally and, in accordance with MAT principles, any sign of pain will stop a technique in favor of another one.