I offer this session only in Sherwood Park at

V-Va Salon Spa.

Availability of a second therapist is required.

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Couples Session

While it is possible for me to treat two people at the same time, it really isn't that practical ;-)

It is possible for two people to have a session in the same room, with each having a different type of treatment. (Of course, one of you would have to be treated by a different Therapist.) Personally, I fail to see the attraction, unless you just like spending quiet time with each other. Although I participate in many Couples Sessions, I only had one couple (two ladies who were good friends) who actually talked with each other during the session.

Couples sessions are normally only done for Relaxation Massage, as other session types would be disruptive to the second massage recipient.

If you still want a Couples Session, whether each is getting the same treatment or not, it can often be accommodated. However, when one treatment is a specialty (such as Pregnancy Massage), in particular, I suggest separate rooms/sessions. The reason is that I need to have conversation and feedback specific to the patient during the session, which really should be kept confidential.