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Myofascial Cupping

There is evidence showing that Cupping will aid in Fascial techniques, and act as a supplemental method of Pain Control - Note that pain is a symptom and not the root cause.

There are several types of cupping that use a variety of cups. IMHO, the only safe Cupping Therapy uses one or two silicone cups in constant motion, or at least under constant observation of the therapist. This is a mostly superficial technique that affects the fascia (which gives shape to the body and envelopes all organs and tissues), and reduces Pain.

Some patients who get cupping done end up with pain and bruising. If not bruising, it may be hickeys, which they are told are the toxins being sucked out of the body. In fact, the hickey is just blood being sucked to the surface of the skin - toxins are removed by the liver and kidneys, and some other organs. I do not believe cupping with glass jars/cups, whether used with suction pumps or burning alcohol soaked cotton balls, to be safe.