I offer this modality only in Sherwood Park at

V-Va Salon Spa.

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Hot Stone Massage

The main benefit of Hot Stone Massage is the heat, although many ascribe spiritual powers to the service or the stones, themselves. Lava rocks are heated with water in crock pots or roasting ovens. The stones can come in various sizes and shapes, such as larger size sacral and back stones, "coin" stones for holding between fingers and toes, and small flat rounds and cylinders for the therapist to massage with. This is all combined with Relaxation Massage techniques. (Not all types of stones are always available, so treatment can vary.)

I PREFER NOT to do Hot Stone Massage, for several reasons: It is nearly impossible to achieve an optimum stone temperature, which means a burning risk for both the therapist and the patient. Stones can lose heat fast. Stones left on the back often shift and even fall to the floor if the recipient moves, and then cannot be reused, for sanitary reasons. I get better results with a heating pad, which gives better coverage and consistent heat. If I massage you with a stone, and I happen to hit bone, you will feel the pain. The massaging stone(s) interfere with my ability to palpate (feel) the tissue underneath, and I think it is imperative to do so in order to provide proper treatment.