Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT) is a step up from the foundation of general, traditional, massage therapy. The central focus is to prevent, reduce, or eliminate pain. Often, pain is the body's compensation for traumas, misalignments, and other issues. When some part of the body is not performing correctly (or optimally), other parts of the body try to compensate. It is the compensation that leads to current or future pain. Although 85% of pain is idiopathic (unknown origin, comes and goes, changes intensity, moves around), MAT tends to encourage the body to perform correctly, with the consequence of reduction or complete elimination of pain.

In addition to pain, MAT has proven to be very effective for Injury Rehab, Mobility, Posture, and Performance Issues. As MAT is quite gentle, it is just as good for treating the elderly and frail as it is for athletes and weekend warriors.

I have adapted the MAT techniques, and my own extensions, to be a clothes on, mat based treatment. With longer treatments (i.e. 90 minutes or longer), I can switch to a more traditional massage treatment, using other modalities, if desired - For some people, massage isn't massage unless part of it is draped, on a table, with oil.

Treatments are 30 minutes (.5 hour) to 180 minutes (3.0 hours). Sessions of at least 90 minutes (1.5 hours) may split time between MAT and more traditional massage, if desired - This is then the same as the More Than Massage treatment, at the same price.

PRICING for Individuals - excluding GST:

$75 for 30 minutes / .5 hour

$120 for 60 minutes / 1.0 hour

$175 for 90 minutes / 1.5 hours

$225 for 120 minutes / 2.0 hours

$270 for 150 minutes / 2.5 hours

$310 for 180 minutes / 3.0 hours

PRICING for Corporate On Site - excluding GST:

$50 for nominal $30 minutes / .5 hour, minimum 12 sessions, $600