I incorporate this modality with all Therapeutic Massage sessions,

In Sherwood Park at

V-Va Salon Spa, 

and in my home.

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Myoskeletal Therapy

Myoskeletal Therapy is a step up from the foundation of general massage therapy. The central focus is to prevent, reduce, or eliminate pain. Often, pain is the body's compensation for traumas, misalignments, and other issues. When some part of the body is not performing correctly (or optimally), other parts of the body try to compensate. It is the compensation that leads to current or future pain. Although 85% of pain is idiopathic (unknown origin, comes and goes, changes intensity, moves around), I find that Myoskeletal Therapy's Alignment Techniques (MAT) tend to encourage the body to perform correctly, with the consequence of reduction or complete elimination of pain.

In addition to pain, MAT has proven to be very effective for Injury Rehab, Mobility, Posture, and Performance Issues. As MAT is quite gentle, it is just as good for treating the elderly and frail as it is for athletes and weekend warriors.

Myoskeletal Therapy uses Therapeutic Massage as a foundation, and builds on it with Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) drawn from the worlds of physiotherapy, chiropractic, and others (including direct research). While it can simply be added as part of other manual therapies, I can also develop specific routines, such as "The Well-Heeled Woman," to make use of it.

I have MAT specific sessions that are done on a table or a mat, fully clothed.

I am Canada's most experienced Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT).