"Perform Better Jam"™

PBJ is a Jam Session:

A Therapist Lead,


Manual Therapy Session.

Spend a couple hours helping each other effectively to overcome pain, posture, and performance issues, with your clothes on!


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I provide a Premium Therapy under the name "More Than Massage"® It is very specialized treatment for anyone who values their health and wants to improve and maintain it. If you have an issue (pain, posture, injury, performance, more) that you were not born with, it is very likely that my therapy will help you.  However, the sessions are valuable, and priced accordingly. Not everyone is willing to make them a priority.

"Perform Better Jam"™ (PBJ) is a way to get many of the benefits of "More Than Massage"® Therapy at a lower cost. It is a simpler therapy - it has to be so I can help the lay people to help each other. It is a Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT) which is done on the mat, with the clothes on! It will include the essentials that will promote mobility and alignment, which will improve almost everyone's condition. Participants can be single, pairs, or groups - everyone will be paired with another for the purposes of treatment, and I will guide the treatments.

At this time, participation will require registration and advance payment of $30 (plus GST), for each 2 hour session. If we do not have enough commitment, we cannot go ahead! You would register and pay through V-Va Salon Spa.

You should wear comfortable clothing, so your body can be moved. You should bring a mat - gym mat is preferred, though some may use foam or camping mattresses (including air mattresses!). Yoga mats are usually too thin! You can bring small hand weights.

The session will start with participants pairing up. One will be designated to remain in place, while the other will move from one stationary participant to another, several times during the session. Participants need to be able to try (and receive) techniques from various others, as each will be a bit different.

The session will proceed with a short series of routines: Tai Chi warmup, Full Body strength, Yoga stretch.

The session will then move into the treatment phase, with techniques being demonstrated and supervised by me. This will all be very interactive.

It is important that everyone have a good attitude and be very respectful of each other. Some of the treatment can be considered "intimate," and we must remember that everyone has the right to refuse a treatment from someone else, regardless of the reason.

If you are interested, please let me know. Contact me. Let me know what your interest is, and what times you might be available (i.e. weekly). Once there is enough interest, I will try to find a venue. If you can help with that, I am grateful. It would be great if the venue could supply gym mats - otherwise participants will need to bring a yoga mat or something similar.