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Relaxation Massage

The best known form of massage is Swedish Massage, often known simply as Relaxation Massage. It consists mostly of superficial and light touch, including long/short/circular strokes, kneading, and possibly tapping and stretching. I use various parts of my body, including palms, knuckles, fingers, thumbs, forearms, and elbows, to deliver these techniques. I use oil sparingly, as I want to glide over the muscles, rather than slide over them - I need some amount of friction to "hook" the fascia. These techniques will not only help you to relax, but will also increase blood oxygen levels, improve circulation, help move toxins, and improve flexibility and the immune system. But can you really relax if you have issues such as injuries, pinched nerves, trigger points, poor posture, pain, etc.? For most people, the minimum requirement is Therapeutic Massage, or even better, Myoskeletal Therapy.