I do not normally offer this modality. Please contact me if you think you need this therapy.

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K-Taping Therapy

K-Taping is a proprietary name (there are several) for the application of a specially manufactured tape, which can be used for a wide range of purposes. I can use it to relax muscles, activate muscles, alleviate/eliminate pain, improve lymphatic and hematologic drainage, reduce scarring/adhesions, provide support for pregnancy, help move fascia, and treat a variety of other orthopedic, neuromuscular, and other conditions.

The properties of the tape allow it to be used differently for different types of treatment. Tape can stay in place for up to five days, but is dependent on cleanliness of the application site, proper application, and how well the tape is protected. If necessary, a taping site should be shaved a day before application.

K-Taping is becoming prominent in sports to promote healing, but it does not protect the patient from becoming injured, as athletic taping might.