Your Story

This is the reason you are here, visiting my website and learning about what I can do to help you.  Whether it is providing stress relief with a relaxing massage, or treating and injury or condition with Myoskeltal Therapy, my therapies can usually help. Despite being able to say that I can treat a wide range of issues, some people need something more specific. I will explain some of the more common issues that I treat on a regular basis.

If your issue is not mentioned, here, feel free to Ask About It. There is often some way that I can provide treatment for your issue.


Some pain has an obvious source, such as an injury. Most pain does not, though I find that subtle alignment issues, when corrected, result in pain reduction and/or elimination.


This almost universally manifests itself as tightness and pain in the trapezius muscles between the shoulders and neck, and other muscles close by.

Head/Shoulder Forward Posture

This is known as Upper Cross Syndrome, and is very common, and very fixable. Left untreated, it may become a source of constant pain.

Twisted Hips

This is another common issue that can lead to chronic pain if not treated. It is often a postural issue (i.e. a mother holding a child on the same hip all the time) which is completely fixable.

Strains, Sprains, and Automobiles

Basically, any type of injury can benefit from massage and manual therapy. Confirm with your doctor, if you wish.